Our Mission

About ExcelWorks

ExcelWorks LLC was founded in 2015 with a mission to make mathematical computing intuitive, unintimidating, and within reach for all learners and practitioners based on a widely familiar platform: Excel Spreadsheet.

We Recognize

  • Computational Mathematics is no longer confined to STEM fields, but is increasingly utilized across the Humanities.

  • Not all students are born to be savvy programmers, but most students are expected to learn and deal with various levels of mathematics and calculus in particular.

  • Standard heavy weight tools built on programming, while appropriate for certain applications, are often too intimidating and have steep learning curve, creating a large barrier to mathematical computing for the non programmers.

Our Goals

  • We aim to inspire students in all fields of education to approach computational mathematics with ease and confidence using basic spreadsheet skills only.

  • We aim to help researchers and scientist in their endeavor of discovery to effortlessly solve complex mathematical models in the same platform where their data live, in Excel.

  • We aim to help businesses cut costs and increase productivity with an innovative light weight efficient Add-in to Excel sufficient to their mathematical computing needs.

Our Mission

To make calculus computing an enjoyable experience, universally and readily available for anyone who needs it, either offline on a desktop spreadsheet or online on a cloud spreadsheet.

Join us on our mission to realize this goal!

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