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Applies to users of Google Sheets Calculus Functions Add-on

Last update: July 25, 2019

We strive to protect your privacy and data like our own. This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your data when you install and use our Google Sheets Calculus Functions Add-on.

In order for the Calculus Add-on to operate, you must grant us certain permissions to access your data as detailed below. You can revoke our right to access your data at any point from your Google account control panel or by uninstalling our add-on.

Required Scopes Permissions for Data Access

This permission is required to access the email address you signed with to install the add-on. We use the email to identify your account and to communicate important information when necessary.


This permission is required to show the add-on menu and sidebar pages on your Google spreadsheet.


This permission is required for the add-on to read formulas and values from your current spreadsheet which you have passed as input arguments to a calculus function in the add-on; and also to save a calculation results in the spreadsheet.


This permission is required to allow the add-on to communicate with our ExcelWorks calculation engine server. The server processes your input formulas and values to carry out the requested calculus calculation and return the results.


This permission is required to allow the add-on to send important information via emails when necessary.

Type of Accessed Data and Usage

Personal Data

When you install the add-on, we collect your email address, your locality and language. We use the email to identify your account and to communicate with you. We use the locality and language for custom configuration of the add-on specific to your regional settings.

Spreadsheet Data

We only read data from your current spreadsheet in which you have installed the calculus add-on. The data we read is limited to the formulas and values you have passed as input arguments to our calculus functions. We use the collected data for the sole purpose of carrying out the requested calculus calculation and providing a result.

Data Storage

Data collected for a requested calculation and sent to our engine server is only held in memory and automatically deleted from our server memory immediately after the calculation is completed. However, we may occasionally store collected data temporarily for the sole purpose of debugging and improving our calculation engine performance.

General Policies

  • We do not share, disclose or sell your data to third parties or to other users of our add-on in any way.

  • We do not send any promotional or unsolicited emails.

  • We may occasionally email users of our add-on important information related to transactions and updates.

  • We do not view or store any financial data on our servers. Credit card transactions are processed on secure third-party payment gateway servers.

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