Dr. Chahid K. Ghaddar is the Inventor of ExceLab Calculus Add-In, and the Founder of ExcelWorks LLC. He holds M.S. and Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a background in parallel computational methods, algorithms and software engineering. During his twenty-year industrial career, Dr. Ghaddar has led numerous software development projects for diverse applications including Mathematical Modeling Tools, Computer Vision, Simulations, MEMS, CAD, and Finance applications. He contributed to leading engineering programs including CoventorWare and popular Mathcad which he supported and advanced its numerical capabilities for almost 10 years. He has also developed software for mission critical applications including lithography process control, and real time industrial machine vision inspections systems currently in production.

Dr. Ghaddar's long career in computational Mathematics on top of substantial experience with Microsoft Windows Development have inspired him to develop a new functional approach to mathematical modeling and optimization with a clear objective: to make computing simple, intuitive and readily accessible for all. Excel with its ubiquity and versatility, presented itself as the ideal vehicle for this ambitious goal, and ExceLab was born as a unique calculus Add-in to Excel. ExceLab is based on a Patented Technology that represents a breakthrough in the utilization of the spreadsheet application. ExceLab functions have no parallels in the history of the spreadsheet application since its inception in the seventies.


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