ExceLab Add-in Installation Help

Installing ExceLab 365 on Apple Mac or Windows PC with Office 365 subscription

To Install ExceLab 365 on your Apple Mac or Office 365 on Windows, open Excel then from the Insert Tab on the Ribbon click on Get Add-ins. To find ExceLab 365 in the Microsoft AppSource, search for calculus, then click Add to enable the add-in.

You must sign into ExceLab 365 with your active Office 365 subscription-linked email account. This can be your school email, work email or your personal email if it is linked to a Microsoft 365 account. Signing in with a personal Gmail or other free email accounts will return an invalid_grant error message.

To verify your Office 365 subscription, start Excel and click File -> Account. Use the email listed in Belongs to: to sign into ExceLab 365.

Installing ExceLab 7.0 on Windows PC

ExceLab 7.0 Add-in is distributed as a standard Windows installer package ExceLab.msi for 32bit and 64bit versions of Microsoft Office. To install ExceLab, just run the installer and provide your login/password at excel-works.com to activate your license.

The installer will automatically register ExceLab Add-in with your Excel application. Next time you start Excel, you can start using the solvers immediately.

If you have multiple versions of Excel installed on your computer, the installer will register ExceLab with your default Excel version only. For other versions you will have to manually enable ExceLab.

Enabling ExceLab 7.0 Add-in on Windows PC

If for some reason, the installer completed successfully but you cannot find the solvers in your Excel, just enable ExceLab manually as follows.

  1. Start Excel. From the Menu Tabs select File->Options.

  2. On Excel Options dialogue select Add-ins-> Manage Excel Add-ins -> click Go.

  3. If ExceLab is listed but unchecked, just check it and you are done!.

    if ExceLab is not listed listed, click Browse... and navigate to one of the following folders and select ExceLab.xll to enable the Add-in:

    32-bit office
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ExcelWorks\ExceLab 7.0\bin
    64-bit office
    C:\Program Files\ExcelWorks\ExceLab 7.0\bin
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